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Customer comment of the week: 02/22/2016

I received the gizmos in time for my trip just as you said (thank you).  I must say that I am exceedingly pleased and impressed with the product.  I applied some industrial strength velcro to the inside edge of the roof for easier setup and have found that the gizmos do not add significant time to the overall setup.  Our second trip we left one bunk uncovered just to see the difference.  Not only did we stay warmer at night on the end covered by the gizmo, the next day the sun was out (it was also 70 degrees midday) and the covered bunk was SIGNIFICANTLY cooler than the uncovered bunk.  Also, wind gusts were around 40 mph, and though I lost one of the clips, the gizmo managed to stay in place (I got the SHW PUGs).

Thank you for your commitment to quality and service and for turning such a great idea into a great business.  In addition to the great product you were great to talk to and I could not be more pleased. 

Jason Parsley

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David Reed's High Wind Covers

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"Right after I got the PopupGizmos Covers we tried them out at the State Park.

Made a tremendous difference in the temperature inside.  When we were
tearing down to go home  I took the gizmo covers off. When my wife went inside
the trailer she and my daughter knew almost instantly when I took the covers
off.  Best money I have spent so far on camping accessory's.
Thanks for a good product."

David Reed,

Kingsport, TN