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Make the 2024 Camping Season
the most comfortable ever.


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Keep Cool in the Summer, Warm in the Winter and Manage Condensation!
Proudly Made in the USA

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What Are PopupGizmos?

PopupGizmos are bunkend covers designed for PopUp/Folding Tent Campers and Hybrid Campers. Placed over the top of the bunkends, our design reflects Sunlight to lower interior temperatures during the Summer and helps to prevent heat loss and condensation in the Winter.  PopupGizmos also help to protect your bunkend tops from the elements.

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One moment while we pop up the gizmos...




About Us

About the Founders of Sunfast Products

We are outdoor lovers with roots in the West and East, who settled in Ohio.  After one too many soggy Midwest tent camping adventures, we went on the hunt for an RV.  She liked the tent feel of a Pop Up, he liked the ease of a travel trailer.  We found a hybrid that we love.  We then acquired a new hobby of finding and making products to improve our camping experience even more.  Our goal is to improve the camping experience for others by sharing what we found. Our whole family is involved in design, testing and manufacture of our Pugears and Sunfast products in our home in Central Ohio, and our PopUpGizmos are made nearby in Amish country also in Central Ohio.  We love and use everything we sell and strive to provide the best quality possible.

Happy Camping!

Jarom and Nicole Thomas

Popupgizmos team


A Word from the Founder of PopupGizmos

“If you ever want me to camp again, get me off the ground.”

Those words, though unknown to me at that time I heard them, would be the beginning of PopupGizmos. Because those words led me to buy a popup camper. And that led to....

“If I build it, will you buy it?”

I posted that question to the now gone PopupTimes forum...the first true popup camping forum platform. I intended it to be a humorous play on the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.” I had an idea, solar covers to keep popup camper bunks cooler. I had made covers for my camper and knew how well they worked. So, I posted that question. I had a plan, I could build the covers, but would people buy them?

That was 23 years ago.

That's the short story version of how PopupGizmos came to be. It does not begin to talk about the all the people who helped me out, agreed to sell me material, offer advice, provide support. All vital to PopupGizmos’s success. Without them, it never would have happened. And then there is you, our customers. You bought our covers, past on the word of mouth, supported us on the forums, I could go on and on about our customers.

I can never offer enough thanks to everyone, But I can pass the thanks on and so....

Beginning Sunday, June 12th, 2022, Jarom and Nicole Thomas will be the new owners of PopupGizmos. They are one in a million with the knowledge and commitment that I can trust with taking care of PopupGizmos and most importantly our customers. You may already know them, their company is Sunfast products, maker of Pug Ears and other camping accessories. You can still expect the same level of quality service and products...the change of ownership will be seamless.

Look for more info on this as the time comes closer.

My heartfelt thanks to every customer, ever person who has supported us. I’m gonna confess, I will miss everyone. Maybe I’ll see you in a campground sometime.

Best regards,

Bob Pitney


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