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We manufacture PopupGizmos Solar Covers in many sizes to fit YOUR trailer. All our bunk covers include 4 to 5 integrated bungees to ensure they stay in place in very windy conditions.  We have over 3000 makes and models of PopUp and Hybrid trailer bunkend sizes on file.    
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​​Summer Benefits:

  • Significantly reduces inside bunkend temperatures resulting in cooler overall interior camper temperatures.

  • Rugged, multi-layered construction will give many seasons of service.

  • Folds up small for easy storage.

  • Significantly helps your air conditioner to cool more effectively.

  • Easy to install and remove.

  • Multiple setup options available.

  • Protects your canvas from the Sun's damaging effects.

  • Protects against bird droppings and tree sap.

  • Waterproof, completely washable.

Cool Weather and Winter Benefits:

  • Will reduce interior heat loss through the top canvas of the bunkends.

  • Will reduce interior condensation build up.

Extreme Cool Weather option:

We also offer an Interior Bunk Liner, made of our same radiant barrier material as our PopupGizmos. 

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These Super High Wind Covers have a 25 MPH+ wind capacity.  A strategically placed 4-5 bungee cord system holds the covers securely to your bunkends. Installation is fast and easy. "Ballooning" is significantly reduced by the bungees that transverse the entire width of the cover. This design also greatly reduces the stress to the solar material that high wind conditions can create.  They are a must for beach and desert camping!  All covers have soft-side Velcro included.  This allows the cover to attach under the lid or just inside the bunk door of the camper.

With proper care and maintenance, your set of PopupGizmos Covers will provide you with many years of service.  However, extended periods of continuous, uninterrupted 24/7/365 use of PopupGizmos Covers is not recommended.

POPUPGIZMO Super High Wind Cover Pricing:

Prices range slightly depending on the cover sizes your trailer requires.  Our larger covers are $5 more than the smaller ones.


1  Cover 

$94.95 to  $99.95 

2 Covers

$189.90 to $199.90

3 Covers

$289.85 to $299.85


2 Covers + Dinette

$249.85 to $254.85

1 Dinette (for PopUps) 


Note: If you do not see your trailer listed when ordering, select the "Not Listed" option on the order page and fill in the information you have on your trailer and go ahead and order the PopupGizmos Solar Covers you want.  We will research your trailer and may contact you for more information and measurements, if needed.

What our customers say...

These Popup Gizmos are the cats meow...(or in other words, the real deal). I installed them on my popup camper for the first time this fall. I bow hunt in central NY for the first two weeks of November, where the temperature can range from 20 degrees to 60 degrees. In previous years I was always dealing with a great deal of condensation and a chilly camper. This year, with the PUG and also reflectix insulation in the window panels, I had an extremely minor amount of condensation, always just below the 3 windows on the far bunk end, and my Mr. Heater on low would keep the temp inside the camper 30 degrees above the outside temp, and on medium would keep it 40 degrees above the outside temp. I tried it on high one night, but 78 degrees was a little to warm!

If you do any cold weather camping, I would highly recommend these Popup Gizmos.

Thanks for a product that actually works.

Brian C

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