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Luxe Liners For
Pop Up Campers

Take your camping experience to the next level

Our Luxe Liners work great in PopUp campers to insulate against the elements, are custom fitted to your bunk ends and add minimal time to your camp set up or take down once installed.

See below for more information on installation, fit, setup/take down and insulated Curtain options.


Tailored fit for your PopUp Trailer

We want our Liners to fit precisely and have been working hard to accommodate a variety of trailer types.  Our liners are designed specifically for the most popular brands and models but also work well in many others.  The following fit guide will indicate how you can expect our liners to fit in your trailer.  After entering your year, make and model in our database, you will be given a fit code.  Compare it to the information below.

Exact Fit = the Liner was made specifically for your trailer

Acceptable Fit = the Liner will fit very well in your trailer

Closest Fit = the Liner may pull or sag a little but is an OK fit in your trailer

Installation is simple

All the hardware you need for installation will be included with your new Luxe Liner.  See the links below to watch how easy it is to install your Liners or view the Installation Instructions.  

Insulated Curtains

Want to insulate all the spaces in between your bunk ends for a completely lined trailer?  We have you covered!  Quilted Curtains are available with Velcro sewn on their sides to attach to other curtains or the Luxe Liners in your bunks ends.  They are easy to install, just attach them to your existing curtains using the clamps we provide.  Our insulated curtain panels come in 3 sizes, allowing you to mix and match them to your specific trailer's needs.  Curtain panels can overlap 1 to 4 inches for additional customization.  See available sizes below:

-   22 inches wide x 48 inches long

-   32 inches wide x 48 inches long

-   42 inches wide x 48 inches long

Packing Up Tips

Our Luxe Liners can be left in the bunk when you close it all up, ready to go for the next time you open.  You will need to detach the velcro and lay the liner on your mattress but you can leave your Liner attached to your bed bow.  When setting up, simply reattach the velcro.

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