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*Order one kit per bunk*

We have tested many different brands and styles of peel and stick Velcro in our test oven and have combined 2 different styles to give you the best possible performance at a reasonable price. We use 3M SJ3572 high performance adhesive at the ends where failure typically occurs, and Velcro brand high temperature acrylic in the middle. This combination of products will give you years of trouble free service without breaking the bank.

Kits Include:

6 - (11 inch x 1 inch) middle strips of (High Temp Outdoor) peel and stick (hook/scratchy side) Velcro.

2 - (11 inch x 1 inch) end strips (Heavy Duty High Temp Outdoor) peel and stick (hook/scratchy side) 3M SJ3572. This is the very best available.

1 - Scratch Pad

1 - Adhesion Promoter Primer Ampule


Use to attach PopUpGizmos with sewn in (loop/soft side) Velcro to your hybrid trailer. Enough for 1 Hybrid bunk. Note: All new PopUpGizmos include sewn in (loop/soft side) Velcro.


Click here for set up video with Hybrids

Hybrid *1 Bunk* High Temp Hook Side Velcro Kit (Peel and Stick)

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