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Upgrade your bungee clips and stop ducking under your bunks and playing bungee tag! PUGPAWS consolidate your PUG bungees and allow you to secure them to the edge of your bunk door with our convenient peel and stick installation. Also available as screw on version for PopUp Campers. Note: PopUp campers require 1 in. clearance from bed to seal.


Color: Black
  • Peel and Stick Kits Include:

    2 PAWS and 2 adhesive backed Hooks for each bunk


    Screw Mount Kits Include:

    2 PAWS, 2 Hooks and 8 screws for each bunk.

    Pop Up owners please note that you will need 1 inch of clearance below your bunk when closing it, in order to mount the hook.  Some Pop Ups do not have enough clearance.  Please measure before ordering.


  • The PUG PAWS Installation Guide is included with all our PUG PAWS product shipments, and may also be found here on our web site.

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